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part of my philosophy and love for tattooing stems out of my own self actualization journey. therefore, I think everyone is entitled to be able to alter and love their physical form and not money stand in the way of that healing process. I offer payment plans and sliding scale upon request, reserved primarily for womxn, trans folks, people of color, and queer people.

cis, straight, white men - you will pay full price and you will fucking like it.

more pricing info

- minimum $150

-I do not have an hourly rate, each piece is individually priced

-most of my pieces range from $175-$350

- deposit for flash is $25*
*the purchase of your flash piece through this website will serve as the deposit

-deposit for custom work is $50*
*when you email me about your custom idea, and I confirm that it is indeed something I can do, you can send the deposit

- I will give you an estimated quote once the sizing and placement is finalized

- I only accept zelle quick-pay, and cash*
- tipping is always appreciated <3  

please do not hesitate to reach out with pricing inquiries

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