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COVID policies

COVID-19 is still running rampant throughout our city. as I tattoo out of my home, I have put some extra precautions in place in order to keep both of us safe during your tattoo experience.
- I will take your temp when you arrive. if you have even a mild fever, we will reschedule (at no extra cost). 
- you must wear TWO masks that covers both your nose and mouth during the entire duration of your time in my home. if you do not have a mask I will provide you with two.*
*the CDC recommends double masking, so this will be my policy going forward
- when you arrive the space will be set up, ready for your tattoo. I will have a chair set up for you to put your belongings on. please limit yourself to sitting only on the tattoo table in order to avoid cross contamination.
-please come to your appointment alone. no guests are permitted.
- please do not move throughout the apartment. please keep yourself limited to the living room.
- I am currently not allowing clients to use my bathroom unfortunately, due to a rise in cases. please plan accordingly. 
- please limit touching anything besides your belongings and the tattoo equipment.  

please print and sign this form before you arrive. if you are unable, I will have a printed copy for you when you arrive. 

COVID Policies 2021
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