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i have posted all my flash pieces on this site where you can purchase them. I only do each flash piece once, unless it is a matching tattoo. a purchase of a flash piece constitutes a deposit. once the flash is purchased, you will be prompted to a page with a link to fill out my booking questionnaire. once the questionnaire is filled out, I will then reach out to you via email work out any specifics.
I am doing custom work again! if you are interested in a custom piece please keep in mind that ​i DO NOT do exact replica tattoos, or other artists work. all work done by me is done in my style. if that is what you are looking for then I will be happy to refer you to some other artists and friends who I know love doing that kind of work. if you are interested in a custom piece in my style, please go to the "custom work" page and fill out the form and send over the $50 deposit. once that is done I will reach out via email to confirm that I am the right fit for your idea and if so, finalize an appointment.  
i try my best to respond to emails in the order in which they are received however the influx in emails I receive can be overwhelming. please allow 1-4 days for email responses. 
I truly appreciate y'all's patience.  
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