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booking info


I do all of my booking through this site. I have all my clients choose/claim their flash design before our appointment. if you are interested in changing your flash piece because of any reason, you can pick from all of my available flash either prior to or at our appointment. 

if you would like to book a flash tattoo, please head to the "book a flash tattoo appointment" page on this site. first you will be prompted to choose a flash design and "check out" pay the $50 deposit for the appointment. that $50 constitutes a deposit on an appointment. please limit your flash design purchases to one per transaction. if you are interested in multiple flash designs, please claim them in separate transactions.
after the transaction is completed, you will be directed to a page where you are prompted to pick a date and time for your appointment. once you have selected your appointment, you will be prompted to fill out a form before you finalize your appointment. after that form is filled out and you submit it, you will receive confirmation emails both of your flash design selection and your appointment date/time.

I will then reach out via email for any necessary correspondence. though please dont hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


I am doing custom work again! I am very excited to be doing so, however I am going to be much more intentional and picky about the amount of custom tattoos as well as the projects I work on. 

if you are interested in a custom piece please keep in mind that ​i DO NOT do exact replica tattoos, or other artists work. all work done by me is done in my style. if that is what you are looking for then I will be happy to refer you to some other artists and friends who I know love doing that kind of work.
if you are interested in booking a custom piece in my style, please go to the "book a custom tattoo appointment" page on this site. you will be prompted to select a date and time for an appointment. the appointment is marked as $50. that $50 constitutes the deposit on the appointment. once you select a time and date for your appointment. you will be prompted to fill out my custom work booking form. there you can describe your idea as well as what sizing and placement you had in mind.  if you have specific images you want to send me as inspiration, you can send them to with the subject line "CUSTOM once that form is filled out, you will receive a confirmation email for your appointment. I will reach out via email to confirm that I would like to take your custom project on and ask any questions I may have about your idea. if I dont think I am a good fit or dont have time, I will fully refund your $50 deposit.

I am continuously working on remaining accessible while also making sure my own needs are met as tattooing is my primary and only form of income. I am always open to having respectful and honest conversations with clients about money, but at the end of the day I ask that clients please respect the way I price my work.

I take CASH as a form of payment EXCLUSIVELY. I will continue to send you a price range prior to your tattoo appointment for both flash and custom work. if there is a change in pricing from the sent quote, any additional funds can be sent via zelle.

as of 1/28/23 I will be implementing a new pricing policy. 

- my minimum for all work is $200. 

-I charge a $50 deposit for flash and custom tattoo appointments

-I charge $200 for the first hour of actual tattooing (for both flash and custom).  white identifying clients will be asked to pay $200 for every hour after the first hour. non-black POC will be asked to pay $150 for every hour after the first hour. black clients will be asked to pay $125 for every hour after the first hour. 

I also do offer deferred payment plans to help with pricing. please do not hesitate to reach out about payment plans. please keep in mind that payment plans are prioritized for trans, fat-identifying, queer, BIPOC, or disabled individuals. I also offer further reduced pricing for all dark skin individuals. 

tipping is never necessary but always very much apprecaited! money is always nice but I also like clothes, weed, plants, candles, art, coffee, and tea! 



covid policies

even now, in 2023, covid is still a major issue and threat to peoples health, financial stability, and life in general. as such, we all need to continue to make steps towards protecting ourselves and others.

i no long require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. as of right now, i am only asking that all clients wear a mask for the entire duration of your appointment. if you are unvaccinated, please wear an N95, KN95, or 2 regular  masks. 

do not come to your appointment if you are feeling sick - just let me know as soon as you can and we can reschedule at no extra cost. if you find out that you have tested positive or come into contact with someone who tested positive after your appointment, please let me know as soon as you can.

i try my best to respond to emails in the order in which they are received however the influx in emails I receive can be overwhelming. please allow 1-4 days for email responses. I truly appreciate y'all's patience.  

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