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im jax (she/they) <3 

im a multidisciplinary trans, Japanese artist living and working in chicago. im interested in fashion design, performance art, sculpture, illustration, and tattoo art. 

a lil about me :) 


im born and raised chicago. i grew up as a physical circus performer. I specialized in contortion, aerial fabrique, partner acrobatics, and wheel gymnastics. it was a great foundation of understanding the idea of creative expression. I later studied fashion design and performance art in college for 2.5 years before dropping out.


i got into tattooing during high school and college but really started professionally tattooing in october of 2020. I exclusively tattoo through handpoking (I am going to try and learn machine soon, im just still too nervous lmao). i love tattooing and really think of it as a way we can claim more ownership of our bodies and express ourselves limitlessly.

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg

my flash tends to be inspired a lot by historical and current japanese advertisements, paintings, booklets, scrolls, drawings, culture, etc. it tends to start there and then become something entirely different by the end. i love to distort images with geometric and abstract shapes, create "semi-colleges of images', and play with different textured motifs. 

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