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i have posted all my flash pieces on this site where you can purchase them. I only do each flash piece once, unless it is a matching tattoo. a purchase of a flash piece constitutes a deposit. once the flash is purchased, you will receive an email with a link to download your flash design and an initial questionaire. I will then reach out to you via email work out any specifics.
*as of 7/14/21 I am not taking on any new custom projects. I appreciate your patience and continued support*
i am super open and excited to do custom work. if you want a custom piece, please fill out the custom work interest form on this site.  I will reach out to you with a questionnaire to fill out to make sure I am a good fit for your idea. please note that all custom work done by me will be done in my style and will include the primary artistic choices seen in my flash. please also note that i also do not do do exact replica tattoos or anything that is close to another artists work. once the design is finished I am happy to make edits. the first edit is free, any additional edit will be $10 added on to the final price of your tattoo.   
i try my best to respond to emails in the order in which they are received however the influx in emails I receive can be overwhelming. please allow 1-4 days for email responses. 
I truly appreciate y'all's patience.  
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